Whether you need a simple CRM system to bring order to chaos, have outgrown your current CRM, need to incorporate marketing automation, or integrate CRM to other systems — talk to us. We’ll review the state of your current technology and process, then propose a plan that gets your team moving in the right direction. We have multiple Dynamics CRM solutions for organizations of all sizes and types.

Whichever type of Dynamics CRM project is right for your organization, xRM3 employs the same adaptable but structured methodology we’ve used since the launch of Dynamics CRM. We approach each project with the goal of providing a CRM platform that supports your customer-facing and internal business process. Each project is comprised of 5 distinct phases:

  • Discovery
  • Planning and Design
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

Talk to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM expert at xRM3 and find out which solution is right for your organization.

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