All our data living together in peace and harmony. This is the brass ring we all reach for – all our data in one place available for whomever needs it. Ahhh, life would be so good. Well, it’s not just a pretty daydream.

Today’s CRM systems are more than a sales tool or a marketing database, they are the core of all things “customer” within an organization. When CRM is at its best, data is flowing into and out of the system seamlessly from different applications and destinations, providing essential information to all areas of the business—driving sales, improving customer satisfaction and increasing productivity.

We integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with all kinds of other systems. Web sites, ERP systems, product tracking systems, whatever our data client needs. All of this starts with a discussion of what data integration makes sense and who needs to view or report on it. Just because we CAN integrate anything, doesn’t mean we should.

It’s our job to work with you and your team to ensure the proper fit and that the data integrity is upheld in the master system.

Sample Integrated CRM Opportunities:

  • Share forecast information between Sales and Finance
  • Convert opportunities won to orders and invoices
  • Synchronize product catalog with financial applications
  • Connect lead database to marketing and sales campaigns
  • Make payment history accessible to Sales
  • Provide Sales and Support with timely renewal data

These are a few of the sample scenarios you may be thinking of. Contact us today for a deeper discussion and see how we can help get you and your team closer to that brass ring.

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