Do you have multiple business units trying to share and segment data in real time? Is your sales team divided into product teams and regions? Maybe you have complex processes driven by ever-changing marketplace or competitive landscape. Relax, we can help.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform allows for a varied and complex set of requirements to be folded into the system. We help our larger, more complicated process customers to see clearly as we break their processes into the various “swim lanes” and then configure them in CRM.

xRM is a recent acronym in the IT alphabet soup. Whereas “CRM” is generally accepted as the abbreviation for Customer Relationship Management, the “x” in xRM stands for “anything” or as we look at it CRM xTended.

What do you need to manage beyond the standard customer relationship? You might need to add equipment tracking to each customer record. Perhaps warranty renewal information. Maybe even that the customer prefers blue widgets over green. Are you managing an association? How about multi-channel distributor relationships? Charitable donors? Investors? These are a few examples of the types of systems we have built and configured over the years. It all starts with a discussion.

Contact xRM3 so we can help you navigate the intricacies of your process and requirements.

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