Manufacturers face the ever-increasing challenges of expanding markets, managing costs and supply chains and adapting to customer’s constantly changing needs.  To maintain a competitive edge, it’s critical to capture real-time data such as changes in sales pipeline, actual sales results and customer satisfaction.

Dynamics CRM for Manufacturing Service by xRM3 provides manufacturers consolidated distributor and industry partner data, as well access to feedback from individual customers.  Additionally, features such as Social Listening provide a direct customer connection allowing manufacturers to monitor consumer sentiment related to competitors.

The Dynamics CRM for Manufacturing Service by xRM3 applies a structured, but flexible, implementation that delivers:

  • An integrated platform for sales, marketing and customer service
  • Consistent and predictable outcomes using prescribed sales and marketing process guidance
  • Ability to zero in on likely prospects using marketing automation tools
  • Stronger collaboration between sales, service and the factory floor via easy-to-use tools
  • Critical data provided in real-time and within context using robust reporting and visualization
  • Integration with Dynamics, as well as non-Microsoft enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems

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