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That One Microsoft Dynamics CRM Story

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There is this one story that gets told almost every time I get together with some of the Dynamics CRM MVP folks in the community. Usually over adult beverages at some conference. The problem for me is that it's a story of one of my failures. The story outline is this - 10+ years ago, the company I worked for signed a CRM deal in the early days of Dynamics CRM. We were fledgling CRM implementers at the time and signed up for more than we bargained. Long story short, we failed and someone else came in (one of the current CRM MVPs, who will remain nameless) and saved the day for that client. It was their first CRM project and made a nice addition to their already successful business and, ultimately, turned out to be an huge boon for the community as a whole. I failed, they didn't, the CRM community got a couple GREAT MVPs.  

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Basics for Sales Pros: Working with Activity Records, part 2

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This is part 3 in a a series of blogs designed to help Sales Professionals with fundamental concepts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015. In my last blog we introduced CRM Activity records, what they are and how to use them to help organize and manage your sales-related activities. This blog extends that discussion to include how you’ll use Activity records to communicate with and collaborate with your fellow CRM users.  

NDA Has Been Lifted

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Well the wraps are finally off and Microsoft has lifted the NDA on the Dynamics CRM Online Spring 2015 release. While that is a bit of a mouthful, this Spring release is full of enhancements and functionality that users and partners have been clamoring for. Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, started the parade this morning at the Microsoft Convergences event in Atlanta.  

7 Signs You Need a New CRM System

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Despite all the end user pain, constant complaints, and a lot of insightful research on a new CRM system, you have delayed the decision to switch due to the usual reasons — time and money. Any of the following scenarios sound familiar to you?  

What To Think About Before Choosing A CRM

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Selecting a new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system can seem like a daunting task. Between evaluating potentially new and complex technology, and dealing with the internal pressure to “get it right”, the experience can be confusing and stressful. In my career, I’ve witnessed the evaluation and selection process play out hundreds of times. The tips in this blog are intended to help you focus your efforts, and make the best decision for your organization.  

What Does Your Sales Team Know?

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The phone call started like this— Caller: "Hi Ken, I'm <her name is redacted to protect the innocent> and I'm your new account executive. Do you have a minute? I want to share with you all the great new stuff we have going on this year." Sound familiar?  

Clean Data is Hard

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Clean data is hard. Starting with it, maintaining it, and living with it. Having clean data can be the difference between a successful business application implementation and one that struggles.  

Making Connections and Closing Sales: Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Social Insights

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It's no secret that controlling the sales process has become more challenging. More often prospects rely on web resources and the opinion of peers in making purchasing decisions. Absent the opportunity to establish one’s unique value proposition, the differentiator becomes price. The logical extension of this scenario is a price battle among suppliers of similar or identical products, resulting in the erosion of both profit margin and the value of skilled sales professionals.  

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